US Visitor Submitting DV-2020 Entry.

US Visitor, Submitting DV-2020 Entry to the draw provides good chance for to get a Green card in quick time.
While staying legally in the USA, foreigners can participate in the Green card lottery, if they meet birth eligibility and education eligibility. This is a good chance for the visitors in the USA, if elected with low case number can get LPR green card quick. People staying in the USA too can apply for the draw. If selected you will not Green card right away. First you must have low ranking case number, then you must petition for the LPR status when your case number is current. American visa holders to get LPR status must pay US$ 365 as non-refundable processing fee along with the Affidavit of support through form I-864.

DV2020 dates.

Opened on 03rd October 2018 and was Closed on 06th November 2018. (It is hard to access Application Forms in the last week, due to heavy internet traffic).When filling Green Card Draw Application Form use English Alphabets only. (No Nordic symbols)
Use English calendar only for the date of birth. (Not Nepal or Ethiopian calendar date of births)

Before apply read the DV-2020 Instructions for to understand the requirements and rules.
US Visitors Apply Here.

Most of the US Visitor surely will like to have US Green Card for them. This will allow people to freely enter and leave USA without any paper works. Will allow the Green Card holder to work and stay legally as long as they want. Also they can sponsor certain relatives to come in to the USA. These Green cards are valid for certain years only and you have to renew it before it expires in the USA. After living in the USA continuously for more than 5 years will open path for you to become US Citizen.

Those who are staying in the USA can prepare and submit their own entries through the online DV facility.
Or can use the private service providers to send their DV Application forms. You must stay next to them and ask them to use your email address in the form.

A Single unmarried person can submit only one entry, for this Green Card Draw DV-2020.
If you try to enter multiple entries with your name as primary applicant, all the entries will be refused.
US State Department and KCC are using many sophisticated technological methods to catch the cheaters in this DV2020 Draw.

US Visitor Submitting DV-2020 Entry.

There are lot of Libraries too are providing support for the temporarily staying visitors in the USA. They can get assistance to submit their DV-2020 application forms. American libraries used to provide internet connected PC, scanner and printers to those visitors who wish to submit their E-DV entries. For to submit entry to the Green Card Draw, they must be staying legally in the USA.

Temporary US visitor in America? Want to participate in the Green Card draw?
Take care of your digital photo file.
It should be a color Digital photo file, taken without glasses and caps. The Green card Draw Digital Photo should be captured within 6 months, when applying for the DV Draw. Don’t use the old photos that were used to participate in the DV-2018 and DV-2019 visa lottery programs. If you used them, the entries may be deleted.

While filling the DV Application form, don’t forget to select “United States Of America”  from the drop down menu for the question  9. Country Where You Live Today .

So it is important to be selected as a winner in the draw while you are staying in the USA.
Must be with low case number.
You must be in the USA, when your case number is current. So it is easy to submit your Petition to the USCIS office to change your current status to LPR and then you can get your Green card.

It is necessary for you to provide an Affidavit of support from a petitioner through the form I-864, if you are not a rich man, This is necessary to show that you will NOT be a public charge.

Don’t try to do fake marriages as per your agent’s instructions.
Assisting another person to get American Visa through fraudulent marriage will lead to 99 years entry ban and prosecution by Law.

Sample DV Application Photo for DV-2020.
US Visitor

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