NO US Embassy in my country.

No US Embassy in my country.

No US Embassy in my country and as a Diversity visa program winner what I have to do?
As per the instruction of the US State Department, DV winners in those countries which don’t have US Embassy in their countries must visit the nearest US Consular office that are near to their countries. There they can proceed with their diversity visa draw selection under the visa processing draw according to their case number. If the DV Winner have dependents too, then they too must attend the visa interview with her/him. Failure to do so will results in visa rejection.

We advise you before to make this expensive journey, make sure that you have required eligibility.
You have enough money to survive in the USA or have strong petitioners. (Sponsors).
If your visas are refused, you will loose your visa processing fee.
You can’t request for a visa review once again. Can’t complain against this decision to any office.
So make sure that your case is very strong on your side.

No US Embassy, will they pay money for me to attend the interview?

There will be no help can be given by the USA Government or its Embassy that you are interested to process your visa interview. You have to pay for the up and down transport, Lodging and meals. Further more you have to pay for the visa processing fees inducing your dependents. Medical examinations should be made on your expenses at the Medical officer that is recommended by the US state department, So don’t expect any financial support from the US Consular office that you are going to be interviewed at another county. (Iranian DV winners used to choose US Embassy in Turkey).

Those selected winners in the USA don’t have any problem, if their country don’t have US Embassy. They just wait for their case numbers to be current in any given month and can contact the USICS Office. Here they can covert their current US Status in to American LPR status. Those winners must pay the medical examination and processing fees to the relevant offices. Also they will have proof their eligibility and must provide one or more petitioners for their survival in the USA.



DV-2020 Official Results

DV-2020 Winners.

US State Department website.
DV-2021 is now accepting entries.

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