DV-2022 Results.

DV-2022 Results will be available only in the Official DV website. Those who had participated in this American visa draw can check their selection results in this year. Use the confirmation number starting with 2022 and it should have 16 numbers and letters. If you miss one or write it wrong it won’t work. Already millions of people had checked their selection results within the last few days. If the official website is down – don’t worry it may happen if thousands of applicants try to access it at a time. Wait some more minutes and try again to check your Green Card results under DV-2022.

As of today the results checking official website is functioning as normal. There is no more outage or blank page display Anyone who want to check her/his results can simply enter their confirmation number and need to fill their required personal details. When every thing is perfect the results will be displayed as error in entered details, NOT selected under this draw or selected as a winner results. Take note, keep your DV2022 confirmation number until September 2022 as there may be a small number may occur. Likewise those who want to recover their confirmation number too can work flawlessly through this website now. There is no fee is charged to use this results checking website any time.

Latest Results.

DV-2022 Results will be available in the Official American visa Lottery website in this month May in this year 2021.
All the DV-2022 participants can check their selection results by feeding their confirmation number and personal details. The results will be shown in the computer or Smartphone screen. It can shown with selected or Not selected  message. The winners must follow the given instructions. While those who are not selected must keep their confirmation number and can wait for the next coming visa lottery draw. In the first week it may be difficult to check the results as millions of people used to try to access the results checking website.

DV-2022 Results Official Announcement.

Here is the Official Announcement as per the US State Department: “2022 Entrant Status Check.
2022 Entrant Status Check DV-2022 Entrants may enter their confirmation information through the link below starting at noon (EDT) on May 7, 2021. The DV-2022 registration period opened on October 3, 2020, and closed on November 6, 2020. DV-2022 entrants should keep their confirmation number until at least September 30, 2022.”

The US Government will not use the postal mail, Email or phone calls to announce the winners. Only way is to go to the website and need to check your selection results. Be careful as there are many scam artists try to cheat people with the name of DV lottery.

The  Results checking facility will be available for a period of nearly 11 months. There is no fee to fee will be charged to check the selection results. it is totally free. You can use PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone that are connected to the internet to check your DV-2020 Results.

Currently the results checking website is displaying this message. ” The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for DV-2019 applicants is available until September 30, 2019. The Entrant Status Check for DV-2018 applicants will remain open until September 30, 2018.

Entrant Status Check Instructions

Please be sure to have the Entrant’s Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth to check the entrant status online.

Don’t know to check your DV-2020 Results?

If you don’t know to check your results we can help you to check for you. BBSNetting is assisting people for the last 16 years.
So here is what you have to do. Take your confirmation paper and put it in a place where good lighting is available. Take a photo of the “success page” with your phone and send the image to bbsnetting@gmail.com It is very important the confirmation number must start with 2020.

Please give us little time as lot of people are contacting us.

How many times do I can check the Results?
There is no limitation on how many times you can check your results for the last held American visa draw. There is no change will reflect in the results unless if there are any official announcement regarding a new selection.

How many winners were selected from my country in this year green Card program?
In a few week time the US State Department will announce the selection results country wise. Till then you have to wait for it. Take note that a country can get only 3,500nimber of  visas only in a given year under this American Diversity Visa Draw.

Trouble with Agent.

My agent says that I am select as a winner in this 2020 draw.  He is asking money to provide me with the applicants details and my case number. In this case, stay along with him and ask him to show you the selection results in his computer screen after feeding your name and confirmation number. Don’t believe printouts and papers as proof. If your case number is very low, then decide it with him. If selected with High case numbers, then you may not may not be called for the interview.  Because there are nearly 100,000 selected winners while there are 50,000 visas only available for the fiscal year 2020. So if you are selected with the case number of 2020AF00083050, there is no chance for you to be called for the Visa interview. So don’t spend money or time with the selection of large case number.

Here is the American Government’s Official Results checking website. Here you can check the results for DV-2020.

Where to check DV 2022 and DV 2021 results? Here.

DV-2020 Results
DV Lottery 2022

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