DV-2020 Winner.

DV-2020 Winner.

DV-2020 winner must be able to understand the  US. State Department’s Diversity visa processing procedures. If you are selected as a winner and had seen the winning Letter in the computer must get a printout of it in the first place. It should be taken with you to the embassy when you are going for the visa interview. Also note the case number in the letter, this should be mentioned in the communication when you are contacting KCC or Other American Offices.


There are two kinds of winners for the DV-2020 Green Card draw.
1. Winners staying in the USA legally.
2. Winners staying outside of the USA.

Selected winners will be given with a unique case number through their winning notification.
For example see this case number 2020AS00023051
2020 is the year of the program.
AS means the person is selected under the Asia region and need to wait for the case number to be current under the Asia region.
00023051 is the given case number for him. He will be called for the interview when 23051 is current in any month.

However all the winners must be ready to proof their education requirements.
They must be ready to pay US$ 330 for the visa processing. (All the dependents too should pay the processing fee.)
Each person must provide Affidavit of support to be issued with the visas at the time of the interview.
Winners must follow the visa bulletin to see when their case numbers are going to become current.
Trying to display fake marriages will end up with 99 years of entry ban to the USA.

DV-2020 Winners in the USA.

Winners staying in the USA must follow the instructions for their adjustment of their current status to LPR status (Green Card) when their case numbers are current. They must prepare their certificates and required translations along with the originals for the interview. They must keep watching the visa bulletin to see when their case numbers are becoming current. If it is available. they can proceed with the submission. Must go to the designated medical office for their medical examinations. Also they must get a Affidavit of support from an American citizen or American LPR holder. They must use I-864 form for Affidavit of support. Those who can display enough funds to live in the USA is not requested to provide Affidavit of support.

Green Card Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

If you are selected as a winner in the DV-2020 read here.

DV-2020 Winner selected while living in his own  country.

If you see the winning notification letter in the computer, get a printout of it and keep in a safe place.
You will need the winning notification at the time of the interview.
Clearly mark your case number that is given in the winner notification.
1. Use the online visa application form DS-260. Sample Form. You must use separate forms for all your dependents including your spouse.
When you are creating new password keep it in a safe place.
You must provide affidavit of support providing person’s details (Petitioner/Sponsor) in the form. If necessary you can change the details with another person.
If you are ready, go and start filling the online visa application form DS 260.
You can stop – the filling of the form any time and come back and can start again.

Visa interviews under dv-2020.

Visa processing has started on 01st of October 2019 for the winners who were selected under the DV 2020 draw.
This program will close on 30th September 2020. (After this date all the winning will go NULL)
Case number 0001 will be called first for the visa interview.
Thereafter numbers will be called for interview in the numerical and regional order.
Use the Visa Bulletin to find out which case numbers are going to be current in the coming month.
Take note that all the winners will NOT be called for the interviews as there are  only 50,000 visas will be available.
There are nearly 100,000 selected winners and according to the rule no country can get more than 3,500 visa in any FY program.

Those who don’t have American Embassies in their country can visit a nearby country as announced by the US State Department to attend the visa interview. In the Consular Office of the USA, in that country they can attend their visa interviews under the FY 2020 visa draw selection. Take note: All the fees including traveling, Lodging, Meals and Medical Examination fees should be paid by the Applicant.
The American Embassy will not provide any support on Diversity Visa Winner Processing for any person.
In addition to this some Embassies may need to be present half hour before to the interview time. Check with the Embassy website.

50,000 visas and 100,000 Winners.

Visas are provided under first come first served basis.(Therefore don’t miss your visa interview for any reason)
There are 50,000 visas only available and they had selected nearly 100,000 winners under the draw.
This is because not all the selected winners may not have the required qualifications to issue with the American visas.
Don’t sell your properties or don’t leave your job till you are called for the interview and given with the American visas.
Visa processing fee for each person is US$ 330 and it can be paid in local currency.
In addition never send money by bank or through money transfer to overseas to get American visas.
You will pay the visa processing fee to the American consular office on the day and time of your visa interview date.

You can’t request to re-schedule your visa interview. To do so you must provide Medical certificate (This is not available in all countries)
Therefore don’t miss it as the next person may get the visa and you may see the visas had exhausted notice.
Don’t listen to your Agent and do fake marriages as it will end up your chance for helping another person to get visa.
You will be banned from entering in to the USA for 99 years.

Affidavit of Support for DV-2020 Winner.

Thereafter the winners in the USA must use the I-864 Affidavit of Support form.
Winners staying out side of the USA must need to use I-134. Meanwhile some country consular offices may ask for I-864 form. Therefore check with your local US Consular office. There is no fee will be charged for submitting such Affidavit of Support form. You can change the petitioner’s name and can provide many affidavits of support too.

Once you are issued with the American visas, thereafter you have to pay another processing fee to the USCIS office through online before you are issued with your new Green card.


DV 2020 winner

Allowed countries for the DV-2020 Draw.

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