DV-2020 Winner Interview.

DV-2020 Winner Interview.

Case Numbers for June 2020 Under DV-2020.

Region Case Numbers
AFRICA CURRENT Except:  Egypt  42,000
ASIA CURRENT Except:  Nepal  13,500


Case Numbers that are going to be current in MAY 2020 Under DV-2020.
AFRICA 45,175 Except: Egypt 39,000
ASIA 18,450 Except: Iran 11,550, Nepal 11,700
EUROPE 30,000

DV-2020 Winners can use the online visa application form DS-260. Take care to provide all the required correct information. Now you have the
1. Winning Letter copy
2. Print out from the DS-260 Final paper.
3. Your valid passport and all the related documents.
4. Non-Refundable Visas processing fee US$ 330 (Per person)

Visa Bulletin for the DV-2020 winner.

Hereafter in the visa bulletin check from October 2019 visa bulletin.
It will display which numbers are going to be current for the interview.
For instance found your case number there?  Then check for the interview letter in the DS-260 form sector.
Above all  if your number is not there wait for the Visa Bulletin for the month of November and so on.
The winners staying in the USA too must watch this page and if they see their case number, they can prepare to submit their petition for to change their current status to LRR (Green Card Holder) through USCIS office in the USA.

DV-2020 winner Visa Interviews.

DV-2020 visa interviews are not a tough one as like an interview to get a job.
In addition they used to be a casual talk with the officer, furthermore he will also check your provided documents.
Consular will check whether you meet the DV requirements to be issued with the American visas or LPR Status.
Do you meet all the DV requirements? As a result you will be issued with the USA visas.
Don’t you meet all the DV requirements?  Probably you will be given with a letter stating why your visas were denied.
The decision is FINAL You can’t complaint against it or re-apply for it.
If visas are rejected at the time of the interview, your visa processing fee will not be returned back.
Selling your property or other things are not recommended, till you see your American visas in your passport.

Above all Necessary Documents for the Interview.

Valid passport with enough blank Pages.
Birth Certificate.
Above all, High School Degree Certificate.
Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate
Armed forces service record.
Medical Check up results
In addition any other relevant documents.
Official translations in English for the documents that are not in English in other words along with the original.


DV-2020 Official Results.

DV-2020 Winner.

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