DV 2020 Opening Date.

DV 2020 opening date was announced by the U.S State Department through the public media and through the internet websites. Every things went normal and the dv2020 program was opened in October 2018 and was closed on November 2018. Normally this program will allow participants to submit their applications online for a period of 30 – 32 days.

DV-2020 Was Opened

on Noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), Wednesday, October 3, 2018, and was closed on noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT5),Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

During this period the official dv lottery website had provided online E-DV entry forms and then accepted the duly filled application forms  from the participants.

DV-2020 was the diversity visa lottery program held in 2018.

Opened Date: As announced. 03/10/2018
Closed Date:   As announced. 06/11/2018

During this period nearly 14 million people from all over the world had submitted their entries in to this draw. There was no facility to submit paper entries during this application submission period.
All the entrants must use a internet connected PC, Laptop or any hand held device like Smartphone or Tablet to download the E-DV entry form and have to fill the Application form. it should be submitted within 60 minutes of time with the applicants photos as acceptable digital file format.

Once the application form is accepted by the State Department, they will display a success p[age with your full name, confirmation number and of your year of birth. Get a print out of this screen display or write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Notice for participants.
DV Lottery participants must have born in an eligible country.
Must meet the Education/ Work Experience.
Don’t wear spectacles when capturing your digital image.
Using older digital photo files that were used in the previous draws are prohibited for the current draw DV-2020.
Your confirmation number will work as password to check the selection results in the coming year.
KCC will not send individual selection results by postal mail or through emails.

USA visa lottery 2020 Results.

In the year 2019, use these information to find your selection result through the official website by feeding them in the required fields.
A person is allowed to submit only one entry as primary applicant with his / her name.
There is no fee should be paid for to participate in the draw.
It is totally free during the entry submission period.
Always go to the website that is ending with .gov, other wise you may have to pay money to those websites that used to charge a fee for to submit your entry. Some time those people may hold your confirmation number and if you are selected as a winner they may demand large some of money from you.
So take care. Read our website regularly for new updates.

DV 2020 Opening

0 thoughts on “DV 2020 Opening Date.

    • DV-2020 opening dates are still not announced.
      Keep watching our website for more information on the opening and closing dates.
      DV-209 results are opened on May 2018. You can check it yourself now with your confirmation number.

    • Sorry Pakistan born people are not allowed to participate in this diversity visa draw.
      This draw is to maintain the diversity of the people of the people living in the USA. Pakistan had sent more than 50,000 people within the past 5 years. When the rate come down only Pakistan born people will be allowed to participate in this draw. There are alternative ways to claim your eligibility for the draw, if you meet them. Check the DV-2020 Instructions once it is published.


      dear sir good day for the opportunity you people are given to the less privilege. i wich to if cameroonian are included in the dv lottery, and can one edit the background of a photo to white if one do not have a white background nor a red background as prescribe. and must some one ear be visible before the dv is played since some people have small ear.

      • First of all you must take a new photo for this purpose. Can’t use older ones or manipulated ones.
        Take it in a studio saying “American visa photo”.
        Any other photos could spoil your chance, if you are selected and you may lose US$ 330 the visa processing fee.

  • HELLO, dear am waiting to apply DV. today is sep.22.2018 so you had been said we will open the dv lottery on the above day. but still now nothing .what is the reason behind?

  • Am a Kenyan citizen and willing to enter USA through dv lottery .I have a cousin living in Pasadena -California now am I guaranteed living with him if I qualify.

  • What happens if you legally get married to your child’s mother after you entered the draw. Nevertheless, you entered you child’s details in the draw. Does my child’s mom stand a chance of getting a Visa when I win?

    • If you are selected as a winner and then you try to include a family member in your form, you too will lose the visa fees and the visas.

  • Ambrose Jackson says:

    Ambrose Jackson
    Hi Sir, please can you help me with some of the websites ending with gov.
    I learnt some of these website don’t impose any charges when submitting your entry.
    thank you

  • Kizito Lukka Merewma says:

    I am Ugandan and currently working with DOS program here in Iraq Baghdad US Embassy and would like to know when is DV 2020 opening? Thanks

      • Kizito Lukka Merewoma says:

        Thank you so much only one question, currently I have only passport photo size for old son and other 2 kids I don’t have their passport phots . I can I put their names without photos being am not right now in my country and I will be going on vacation December and this program will be closed by then please be advised.

  • Ali Hassan Ali says:

    I am Ali from Kenya and I have tried applying severally for the DV lottery from 2011 without any success, is there possibilities that I might be making mistakes from my application on yearly basis, will appreciate your feedback.

    Thank you.

    • First of all this is purely depends on your luck.
      Make your new photo file as per the requirements.
      You should have passed GCE A/L or WAEC examination completely or higher than these.
      Then select the correct education level.

  • I married a second wife ,we got twin boys with her then she left me with the kids. am now staying happily with my first wife and the twins. will they be allowed to be entered in the programme.

    • A person can include only one spouse. USA don’t accept polygamy marriages. Read the #DV2020 instructions and decide on this matter yourself.

  • First question:Can I use our photos from last year DV- 2019 application or we should make new ones ?
    Second question : I have two citizenships – Bulgarian and Cypriot. I entered last year with Cypriot passport as my Bulgarian is expired . I didn’t win even though candidates from Cyprus is not many at all and suposly my chance was bigger . Is there any numbers allowed by country ? Could you Please advice as I am ready to apply this year too.

    • 1. Make new digital photo files.
      2. No need passport. Provide your birth place and country.
      You can proceed, if you have the required education and select the correct education field in the form.

    • As a Ethiopian born person you can apply for the DV-2020. But you must meet the High School Degree education. Work experience very rare to support you.
      If married should include wife and all the children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. Check in our website for the application form link.

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