DV 2020 Instructions.

DV 2020 Instructions are now available in the official website.

American Diversity Visa Instructions, DV-2020
The DV-2020 Instructions are already published. Keep watching this page to view the details of translated versions of it.

Those who want to participate in this diversity visa draw must read and understand this instructions before to submit their entries. As there are many strict rules applies to this American Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

DV 2020 Instructions


This latest DV Instructions will cover all the aspects related to this computer selection program.
This will say about the eligible countries and will provide the allowed country list and the NOT allowed country list.
You can read why some countries are not allowed to participate.
How to make your digital photo file for the current DV Program and how to upload them too will be described in this instructions.

This instructions will guide you on how to get the DV-2020 Application form in the internet. There are guide to fill the application form and how to get your confirmation for to see your selection in the coming year.
There are instructions on how to use an agent to submit your E-DV entry to the draw and what precaution must to take when you are submitting an entry through an agent to the American visa program.

There are no fees charged to submit an entry although the instructions will guide you on this matter and the related visa processing fees and many other things.

Official Language of the draw is set as English Language and the instruction in the English language will be considered as the governing one. So don’t confuse with translated versions of this DV-2020 Instructions.

Unofficial DV-2020 Instructions used to be available in the following languages.
Take note, that the English language one is the official one.











Official DV-2019 Instructions here.
DV-2020 Instructions.

DV 2020 Instructions

0 thoughts on “DV 2020 Instructions.

  • Hello,

    Just wondering if you don’t allow civil marriage or partnership agreement and one has children with someone in the application do you leave the partner out especially if the partner has more than one wife.

    • America Accepts only one marriage and it should be legal one. If it is civil marriage then get it certified by your Government before you participate in the draw.

  • Hello,

    I just want to know when and what year Nigerians will be eligible to participate in the lottery,it has been almost 8 years now or more that Nigerians has been excluded.

    Thank you.


    • Not only Nigeria born people are excluded. There are many country born people are Excluded such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines and so on. This is because within the last 5 year these countries had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA.
      When this number comes down only your country will be included in the draw. So keep waiting.



  • Hello,
    I am Tula Maya Adhikari from Bhutan & my nationalities is Bhutanese, my question is , can i apply for DV Lottery for the year 2019 or 2020. when is the date line for applying , so please can u help me. My email tulamaya755@gmail.com

    • First your birth should have happened in an eligible county.
      Secondly you should have passed the High School certificate with passes in the compulsory subjects.
      If these are ok, then you can apply.

  • I have applied for dv lotter 2020 but I got a problem on my name ,my name is KWIHANGANA JEAN PIERRE but it has appeared as KWIHANGANA Pierre Jean, is there any problem about that issue or there is no problem thanks

  • what I was trying to mean is that on my id card my name are arranged like this kwihangana jean pierre and then I have finished to apply for dv lottery and my name appeared to be arranged like this kwihangana pierre jean ,is this a problem or not,thanks

  • Hi,
    if a person made a mistake and the application had already submitted for example like when he is still in university and apply saying that he has a university degree what will happen if he will be choosen .will he miss the chance or there is another way to correct it.

    • The application form is treated like a visa application form by the State Department. If you are selected only you need to worry about this. Then too it is in the hand of the DV-2020 winner processing consular officer. He can treat as a lie or ignore it.

    • This wrong information will be dealt by the Visa officer if you are selected and go for the interview.
      He will ask you about it.

    • If you are more than 18 it is ok.
      If your birth country is eligible and if have the education requirements you can participate.
      If selected as a winner, then you will be called for Visa Interview.
      Then you must provide a Medical certificate. This will apply to all DV-2020 winners.

  • I am a legal secretary by profession on the list I can’t see what name is equivalent to it. kindly advise what profession is it called on the list.

    • There is no profession mark up.
      Only higher education.
      Select University Degree or High School degree as your highest educatuion.

  • Can i fill DV 2020 form like this:
    1. My husband as the primary entrant, and me as derivative dependent
    and also again
    2. me as the primary entrant and my husband as derivative dependent

    does this kind of submission make it disqualified?

    • Yes you both can apply one entry as primary applicant if both have the Birth country eligibility and the High school degree.
      Must include all the eligible children in both entries.

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