DV-2020 Confirmation Number

DV-2020 Confirmation Number. (Confirmation Code)

DV-2020 Confirmation Number will be provided to each primary applicant when they are applying for the draw. Once their E-DV entry is accepted successfully. It will be displayed in the success page with the applicant’s name with the success message. If you don’t see this page, It means your entry is not included in the draw. So try again to submit it before the closing date. In Africa DV Lottery agents used to provide fake confirmation numbers to their customers. So when these innocent people try to check their results in the official website it will display error code. Inb the meantime the agent will chek the rsults for his clients and if any of those are selected as winner then he will contact them and will ask money to provide the confirmation number or the related email address to the successful client to continue with their selection.

DV-2020 Confirmation Number Sample.

If the participant has successfully submitted his entry, then the DV-2020 confirmation will be shown like this as his Application is accepted in to the draw.

Don’t throw away the confirmation number.

Don’t throw away the confirmation number after checking your selection results. The State Department may select some more winners in the future, if the select4ed people didn’t proceed with their winning. They must issue all the available visas for this fiscal year. So they may announce to check your results to see if you are selected for the draw in the second chance. So keep your confirmation number in a safe place till the draw close on 30th September 2020.

DV-2020 Confirmation Number Sample: 2020KPYT45DRSB72

DV2020 participant must keep a record of this confirmation number. It will consists 16 Alphanumeric code that will begin with the fiscal year 2020. Applicant can write down, print or get a photo of this code.

Why this code is so important?
Because in the coming year you can check your DV-2020 Results by using the confirmation code along with your personal information. Even one number or letter is missing or typed in the field, then there will be no selection results will be displayed. Instead a error message will be shown to the applicant.

Confirmation Code.

Can I use the previous year confirmation code to check my selection results in 2019?
No it won’t help you to check the selection results under the dv2020 American visa draw.

My agent doesn’t like to give me the confirmation code. What to do?
Nothing can’t be done. He may ask you to pay him some heavy money, if he founds out that you are selected as a winner in the draw, next year. If you had paid service money for application form submission service, then you can contact your local police to get the confirmation code from him.

I had lost my confirmation number due to computer crash. Can I recover it?
Yes,  you can recover it for DV-2019 and DV-2020 programs. But you must use the correct name fields. The email that was entered in the entry form. Use the official website for it. If your agent had applied for you and you don’t know thw email address, then you won’t be able to recover it.
Or visit www.dv-confirmation.com

DV-2020 Confirmation Number

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