DV-2020 Applying Failure.

DV-2020 Applying Failure is happening to many applicants. This is a technical error. Most people who to the website get the form fill them and when submit it. Then they get blank page with the message ” unable to connect with the website”. All the hard working went to vein. Don’t give the hope of participating in the draw.
First check with your Browser.

DV-2020 Applying

May be you have problem with your Browser?
Try first through
1. Internet Explore 8 (DV program, recommends this.)
2. Firefox
3. Google Chrome.

The DV-2020 program recommends you to use Internet Explorer 8, as per their Instructions doe the FY 2020.

Before to fill the DV-2020 Application Form check at the bottom of the page whether it have the “SUBMIT” button.,
Some time you may get forms with out the submit button due to slow internet connection or other problems.

Another problem is applying for the American Green card lottery  in the last week. Million of people may try to access the DV Lottery application providing website to get the form and fill and to submit it back. This may cause a heavy internet traffic to that particular website and it can go down showing a white blank page. Or some time connection failed message can be displayed.

So if, you are trying in the mooring to submit your entry and if it fails continuously, then try to apply in the evening time.
Even if you are having trouble in submitting your entry then try to submit it in the mid-night.

DV-2020 Applying Connection Failure.

Also check your Digital photo file sizes are not too large are with acceptable size.
Check your application form for any missing fields.
Find all the years are marked correct as some people selected wrong and unacceptable years (Eg : 1962 can be marked as 1692)

So if there are any errors and the system may want to inform you, but it can lose the internet connection due to heavy traffic.

What we are saying to you is:
Keep filling and submitting back till you see the “Success page” with your confirmation number.


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