American Diversity Visa Lottery Program

American Diversity Visa Lottery Program is the one and only true draw that used to give visas to live and work in the USA legally.This is the only program in the world that will give visa to live in a country (USA) under a computer draw. Anyhow don’t think that this draw is a simple and easy one.

Now in 2020 you can submit one entry to DV 2022, if you have valid International passport.
DV-2022 Final Date to Apply will be announced soon.
After the final date, Application form will not be available to submit.

Total available visas under DV program: 50,000
How many winners will be selected? : Around 100,000

Countries that are NOT allowed:
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

American Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

It is covered with tough strict selection rules and the American Government’s many Department will check winners back ground before allowing them to enter in to the USA. There is no fee charged to participate in the name selection draw. But a visa processing fee of US$ 330 should be paid by the selected winner when called for the interview to show his eligibility to get one of the available visas.
When called for the interview to view your eligibility at the time of the interview, as a winner you have to provide original high school certificates, birth certificate, valid passport with enough blank pages, medical fitness certificate and one affidavit of support through I-134 form from one American citizen or LPR holder. Without these the visas may refused and you will lose the visa processing fee too.

American Diversity Visa FY 2021 Program.

Requirements for to participate in DV-2021 Draw.
Birth in eligible country.
Must have valid International passport.

High School Degree / Work Experience (Not all works are accepted)
One recent Digital color photo file.
One own e-mail address.

Need to know.

50,000 visas are available and the selected winners will be around 100,000 in other words not all the winners may not have the required eligibility. The allocated 50,000 visas should be given out before the fiscal year program closes.
In conclusion an eligible person is allowed to submit only one entry.
A married couple can submit each one entry for the whole family, if both of them meet the eligibility requirements.
Similarly you must be eligible by birth and must have the required education/work experience.
Therefore you have to include Applicants spouse and children, if she/he is a married person.

Important Facts.

However you must be selected in the draw with low case number.
Winners with high case numbers may not be called for the interview as the visas used to exhaust quick.
Above all clean life should be shown through the recent police clearance certificate.
After that health should be proven through the medical examination.
For instance you will need to provide a Petitioner and he should be an American citizen or LPR status holder.
Otherwise have to proof that Applicant is a rich person to stand the expenses in the USA.
However if selected as a winner, must complete the process before 30th September next year.
For any reason if DV application is refused, visas will not be issued.
And in addition the visa processing fee too will not be returned.

In conclusion, there is no way to challenge the refusal or to file case against the decision of the interviewing consular officer.

Source: USCIS

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Sample DV2021 Photo.

American Diversity Visa

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