Affidavit of Support for Diversity Visa Winners.

Affidavit of Support for Diversity Visa Winners.

Affidavit of Support is just another hurdle for the American DV Lottery winners waiting on their interview date. Lot of participants don’t know about this Affidavit of support and its importance when they are going for the interview. If you had read the DV-2020 Instructions, it had clearly mentioned about the importance of the Affidavit of support and why it is necessary for the DV Lottery winner and her/his dependents.

In the early years lot of winners went in to the USA with their DV Visas and were stranded without money or any other kinds of supports. After seeing this the US Government made it a mandatory for the winners to provide Affidavit of support to show that they will have enough support to start their life in the USA. This is called to ensure the immigrant does not become a “public charge.”

So no AOS form means no American DV Visa.
You will be given time to produce a proper AOS till the visas are available.

If no Affidavit of Support is not available what to do?
You must display that you have enough funds to survive in the USA. (It is big amount that is impossible for third world country people)
And a job offer is waiting for you on your arrival. ( This should be shown with proper documents).

Affidavit of Support Providing petitioner.

the person who wants to be as Petitioner (A of S Provider) must be an American Citizen or should be an American LPR (Green Card ) Holder. DV visa applicant can provide more than one AOS from more than one petitioner, if it is necessary.petitioner. At the beginning many people agree to be a petitioner and when the interview is coming nearer, they used back out saying some reasons. So the Winner must always have more petitioner ready to support him at the time of the interview.

Those winners processing their cases in the USA must use the A of S form I-864.
Winners staying out of the USA must use the A of S form I-132.
Some country consular used to require I-864 from from the winners in their countries.

A of Support Form I-864
Instructions for I-864
A of Support Form I-134
Instructions for I-134


Affidavit of Support

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